KALKATTAK is a team of two artists based in Cologne, Germany. They worked already on many projects as VJ crew and produced several documentaries, fiction and music videos. Their main goal is not to have as many shows as possible, or to have pictures for all kinds of sounds but to obtain an individual result. Both have their own skills and preferences but for KALKATTAK, they make one creation.

SHUFFLERROR aka. WAHN is a graffiti artist, graphic designer and flash developer. He works with all kinds of technics, since he started painting in the early 90's. Prefered tools are still the cans, but computers are quite a good combination to mesh things up. 3d - 2d animation, de- and reconstruction of low quality footage and of course shuffled errors are the main fields of his work. www.shufflerror.com

TELLE aka. AKLEUR is a french woman living in Germany. She studied cinema and theatre in France, worked amongst others as cutter, technical supervisor for a weekly newspaper and chambermaid. Since many years, she works as web- and multimedia developer. Several documentaries and music videos are made by her, just like video installations. Her specialized technics are self filmed footage, hard cutted and re-colorized, and mathematical fractal pictures. www.schwuppdiwupp.net

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us or if you need help for your video project: kontakt(at)kalkattak.de