Interim Eins


A project in a traditional building in Cologne. The location was the old headquarter of Cologne's second biggest football club "Fortuna Köln". The building should be breaked down, but there where several old and historical pieces of the old owners into it. The goal of the project was to rearange and supplement these parts of the history to a new, modern art exibition.

KALKATTAK made a video installation with material from the location, quotes from the famous president of the football club Jean Löring (De Schäng) and footage from old football games.

There was also a graffiti in the party location and a live visual project for an electronic band made from KALKATTAK.

Excerpt of the video installation

Live visuals
  • 10/07/2009 till 12/07/2009 - "Bacchus" – Cologne
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