KALKATTAK is a team of two artists from Cologne, Germany.
They work on many different types of projects: music videos, live visuals, video installations, documentaries, fiction.
They both have their own skills and preferences and meet each other on common projects.

SHUFFLERROR aka. WAHN is a graffiti artist and graphic designer. He works with all kinds of technics, since he started painting in the early 90's. Prefered tools are still the cans, but computers are quite a good combination to mesh things up. 3d - 2d animation, de- and reconstruction of low quality footage and of course shuffled errors are the main fields of his work.

TELLE alias AKLEUR is a french woman living in Germany. She studied media sciences in France, worked among other things as an editor, technical director of a weekly newspaper and also as a chambermaid.
Since many years she works as a web and software developer for various international companies.
Her specialized techniques are self-filmed material. She loves to alienate from real images to achieve a corresponding effect.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us or if you need help for your video project: